MD (webmd) wrote in leedsfestival,

no rain!

The weather forecast for Thursday and Friday looks wet and cold. :( And I don't own a pair of wellies (over here they were little more than an annoying fashion fad). Are they easy to find over there? I mean, if it pours, can I buy them at the supermarket or something?

I was also wondering, when do they release the schedule?

Thanks from a festy virgin. :)
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yeh, last year it was £6 for the big program/magazine thing and you got a little thing to go round your neck with the schedule's for all the bands.

there is people walking around the campsite selling them, and when you wait outside before you get let into the campsite there is people walking round selling them.
The schedule of band times usually gets put online a couple of days beforehand. As for wellies, they'll be very overpriced on site, but there's no shops near the site so if you're sure you'll need them buy them beforehand.