Louisa (xxlouisaxx) wrote in leedsfestival,

Hello! (I used to be moohcow but my journal got hacked!)
Had a fab time at Leeds, we stayed at the Hilton in Garforth (i know its cheating, but we wanted to make it into a mini holiday since I start full time work in 3 weeks! we'll be back to camping next year!)
This was my 5th Leeds and the boy has been every year since it started (thats either 7 or 8 years...)

Best bands: Pixies, The Charlatans, The Killers, Graham Coxon and Babyshambles! Oh and the tickertape during Elbow was mad!
Best food: The Pataks curry bus definately!!! (Chicken Korma and a naan bread was just what I needed on Sunday afternoon!)
Favourite part of the festival: Watching the Pixies and chucking those huge balls about, oh and trying to tell the lad standing on the railings during babyshambles that his shoe was on fire and him not realising and thinking we were crazy! His shoe was on fire twice actually!
Worst part of the festival: Why didnt they announce the cricket score? They could have put it on the big screens between bands! Apaprently they did at V?
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