Sarah B*** (optimisticblond) wrote in leedsfestival,
Sarah B***

Its scary how excited i am...


THATS RIGHT PEOPLE!!! After been told i could see the grant -

and the gerard -

and the monkeys -

+ dirty pretty things,the futureheads and get to throw hard objects at the kaiser chiefs in my favourite weekend of the year - helen informed me they'd sold out online and we were basically screwed...gutted is not the word...

BUUUUUUUUUUT fear not - i got up ridicuolously early and queued at hmv sheffield and got two mother fucking tickets!!!! The hmv staff were laughing at me, i could not keep still - i was sure they were gonna sell the last ticket to the guy in front of me - who i informed i would wrestle for it if it happenned...

Good GOD!

I so happy you would not believe!!!

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I got a better deal though since i got them this morning from the comfort of my own chair without having to queue up.

Have fun.
nothing like rubbing it in, eh
I didn't mean it like that, lol.
Sorry if it seemed that way.

Which bands are you looking forward to that have been announced so far?

who, me?
i'm not going this year. i think i've had my lifes fill of leeds festivals.

saying this though, i'll probably do what I do every year and buy a ticket at the last minute and not go on holiday and spend the whole time in a drunken/drugged haze and watch no bands because they're always rubbish and then get home and moan that ican't afford a holiday.

viva leeds!

Re: =)


April 4 2006, 16:49:53 UTC 10 years ago

Ahh excellent.
Viva le me.
thanks! the queue wasnt too bad actually, and was totally worth it! Sarah***
its such a great feeling isnt it when you know you have them and so many others were too lazy and failed.

muhahahahaha indeed! it is when so many ppl i know who wanted to go but havnt got the leeds love are now kickin themselves! Sarah***
Shittest Line Up. Ever.
ah,true tis pretty poor, not as good as last year, but nothing could really top that...Sarah**